​​​Ms. Closs is a forensic structural engineer and Professional Engineer. She has 15 years of experience as a structural engineer in designing and analyzing anything from pipes to multistory buildings in fields such as commercial, power, government, institutional, nuclear, industrial, and residential.

Ms. Closs traveled to Long Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as part of a Code Enforcement Disaster Assistance Response Team. Her engineering knowledge in timber, concrete, steel, masonry, aluminum, and light gauge metal has helped her to determine the integrity of existing floors, examine structures to withstand increased loading, review and repair failing roofs, calculate the demolition of buildings/utilities, determine the cause of masonry wall movements, and even determine how to cut a house in half to be relocated.

Ms. Closs is the president of The Engineering Society of Buffalo and currently creates, writes, and edits their monthly newsletter. She also regularly spends time tutoring and greatly enjoys assisting young minds to see the benefits of engineering. She has acted as the principal coordinator for 80 person volunteer teams, judged inventions, and mentored winners of engineering competitions.

Ms. Closs graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a BS degree in Architectural Engineering with a Structural Specialty. She is a licensed professional engineer in multiple states, is a licensed structural engineer in Illinois, and is certified as a NCEES Model Law Structural Engineer.