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Forensic & Failure Analysis, Inc.

From Soot to Suits, providing expert forensic investigation and testimony from the scene and lab to the courtroom.

With thousands of forensic engineering investigations over the past 35 years, the forensic engineering consultants at FFA have a combined experience level you need on your next case. Investigations range from structural and mechanical failures, personal injury litigation, and subrogation/liability claims for small to large scale fire scenes.

Complex cases often require a team approach. With specialties in electrical, mechanical, structural, materials science and HVAC, there is a FFA forensic engineering consultant that can apply their knowledge and experience to solving your case.

What is Forensic Engineering?

Forensic Engineering or Forensic Analysis is the investigation of materials, products, structures, or components that either “fail” or do not operate or function as intended.

A forensic engineer or analyst retraces the processes and procedures that lead to these failures. A forensic engineer conducts an unbiased, science-based investigation with the purpose of determining the cause or causes of failure with the view to improve performance or life of the component, or to assist in determining the cause of the product or process failure.

Vital to the efforts of the forensic engineer/analyst is data collection. This involves conducting inspections, taking measurements, collecting evidence, obtaining exemplar products, and performing experiments that seek to reconstruct the sequence of events in the product or process failure.

Why Contact a Forensic Engineering Consultant?

Insurance companies and attorneys seek the services of a firm like FFA to determine and prove liability or non-liability in a case concerning a product, structure, or material’s failure.

Manufactures typically have products that are in the area of the loss are often wrongly blamed for the causation. An unbiased investigation is intended to arrive at the truth, not make a case.

Many manufacturing firms employ personnel trained in forensic sciences and analysis to improve quality or efficiency of a product when a new model is proto-typed.

Failure analysis is also critically important for mature products that begin having failures in manufacturing or the field. In high volume manufacturing, a systemic issue could cost millions a day in muda or wasted materials and labor.

Law enforcement departments, criminal defense attorneys , and even television and media companies may seek out the services or acumen of a forensic consulting firm.

Forensic & Failure Analysis Team


We consider ourselves to be experts in independent thinking and investigation utilizing the scientific method. We intend to investigate every loss in the most objective manner to the fullest extent possible.


At FFA, we’ve taken our collective experience to apply modern techniques to the scientific method. Attention to detail, data collection and documentation are the basis of our methodology.


We know that in the field of forensic engineering investigation, your reputation is everything. Our results stand on the foundation of our reputation.