CT Scanning For Failure Analysis

CT Scanning To Evaluate Evidence For Accurate Causation Determination

Many people associate a computerized tomography (CT) scan with the doctor’s office, allowing practioners to render 3-dimensional images and x-rays from inside the human body.

But, did you know a CT machine can be an extremely valuable tool when an insurance claim or litigation involves a product or device failure?

It’s true, and we were the first area forensic engineering firm to own one!

Our Industrial X-Ray CT Scanner Helps Examine Critical Evidence

In circumstances where there is a “failure” – a structure, machine, vehicle, device – every single piece of evidence matters.

Often – particularly when there is extensive damage at the site of the failure – handling, dissecting, and examining evidence retrieved from a scene needs to be done with the utmost care. Some items retrieved may be difficult to inspect because of their construction or assemblage. Evidence may be encased in resolidified melted plastic.  Still other times, evidence may be so damaged, a deeper probe is nearly impossible.

Non-destructive testing becomes a welcomed reality with a CT Scanner. This advanced technology allows FFA to expediently produce three-dimensional visualizations and x-ray images of evidence.

Even in the most complex cases, the circumstances of a claim and an accurate determination of the failure come into clear focus!

Our scans are performed by an IAAI-certified forensic technician, ensuring we maintain an expert and compliant command of scanner preparation and evidence scanning procedures.

Forensic & Failure Analysis’s CT Scanner Helps to Inspect and Assess:

  • Automobile and vehicle parts and components
  • Machinery
  • HVAC and climate-control components
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Building structure and facades
  • Debris

Overview of This Valuable Tool:

A CT Scanner is preferrable to conventional 2D scanning in both time and cost. The online, cloud-based interface allows FFA to quickly share images with claims investigators. (click images below to enlarge)

Technology That Allows Us To Take On The Toughest Cases

No regional companies can rival the technology at our disposal and our team acumen across a series of forensic sciences and disciplines. Put us (and our CT Scanner) to work for you!

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Our Process

FFA prides itself on quick response times. We realize it’s crucial to get to the scene as soon as possible to collect evidence before changes are made or repairs are done. Our typical process includes:

Site Exam

Research & Testing

Evidence Examinations

Written Report

(Upon Request)


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