Personal Injury Investigation Services

FFA Will Work for You to Get to the Answers

When an injury occurs in a residence, workplace or public setting, you need an experienced and knowledgeable team you can count on to ethically investigate and present all the evidence involved. Forensic & Failure Analysis has a diverse team with experts in a variety of fields of engineering and science to ensure you get answers. 

Most accidents are multi-disciplinary and often require more than one expertise for complete failure analysis. A recent example would be an industrial explosion that required an electrical engineer and a material scientist to determine ignition source and conflagration sequence.

To maintain our investigation integrity, we only work with one client or party at a time. Before a case begins, a conflict check is performed by our office staff to insure propriety of the case.

Whether you are the defendant, the plaintiff, the building/propery owner, or the equipment manufacturer involved in the case, we can provide expertise to assist you in resolving your case.

Our Capabilities

Our team works in direct collaboration with:

  • Attorneys
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Industrial Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Client Representatives

What Occurs in a Personal Injury Case?

With most personal injury cases, multiple parties are involved as potential litigants. In order to determine the actual and complete cause of injury, we apply our skilled team of experts to inspect and gather all relevant physical evidence from the scene (when our client is the lawful owner), as well as review records and perform exemplar equipment tests. After evidence gathering, we will then conduct further tests and analysis in our facilities laboratory.

After the lab examination and analysis phase of the investigation is complete, we can provide a written forensic investigation report detailing our findings. We then provide testimony deposition.  The case may then proceed to trial where our experianced staff can work with counsel to provide trial preperation for the client and provide our expert testimony for the case.

Why Work with FFA?

We have handled personal injury cases in technical and engineering subjects, providing our expertise to a wide array of cases. Our team of experienced and court proven experts brings an interdisciplinary approach to complex cases and can provide investigative services for clients over the long term for reoccurring litigation needs.