Mechanical Damage Analysis

 Real-World Experience For Confident Cause Identification

  When a “mechanical system” fails… the size and scope of the elements that warrant assessment are extensive. This area of forensics involves an expert comprehension of mechanical systems, mechanical design, physics, material science, production process automation and safety regulations. A mechanic forensic expert determining causation of a mechanical failure needs to not only analyze the circumstances and specifics of the failed machine and its components but must also comprehend how that machine integrates and behaves within our human environment. These failures can range from mechanical product failures that damage property, cause personal injury, result in a fire, or result in water loss.

FFA’s Capabilities

Our mechanical forensic experts serve our clients with industry experience that includes previous onsite work in manufacturing, machining, and facilities management. When you contact FFA for assistance with a claim, you will always get a qualified expert prepared to perform a thorough site exam relevant to your claim and the nature of the failure.

Competencies Include:

*Machine Guarding *Water loss *Vehicle failures *Conveyor Systems *Fall Protection *Heavy Equipment Failures *HVAC and heat exchange systems (Chimneys, furnaces) *Engine Failures including diesel and gasoline fires *Fire Suppression Systems (CO2 and Sprinklers) *NFPA 70 Electrical Safety and how it relates to overall electric systems   Browse our gallery below of instances of mechanical damage from previous claims. Please contact FFA to learn more about our services.

Photographic Examples of Mechanical Damage Investigations

Including pipe, motor, and vehicle failures.