Structural Damage Investigations

 Forensic Structural Failure Engineering and Analysis

What causes a structure to “fail?” Inadequate maintenance practices? A rushed build? An unforeseen event? Normal wear and tear? Was the foundation, the roof, or possibly a drainage issue? Was it a weather issue – possibly a heavy wind, rain or snow load? Is “act of God” applicable here?

Structures can fail in different ways, and failed structure investigations take on many forms.

Even something as seemingly benign as mold growth requires the assessment of a qualified investigator to determine if the mold is “recent” or “long term.”

Forensic & Failure & Analysis are your expert structural engineering consultants. Our team has accurately identified the root cause of a number of structure failures for a variety of buildings, settings (rural, metropolitan, etc) and events.

Why Contact FFA for A Structural Claim?

Our capabilities include:

  • Review of steel, concrete and masonry building structures
  • Structural building condition reviews
  • Facade consulting – including rehabilitation and distress investigations
  • Load capacity and seismic load resistance analysis
  • Assessment of slopes, grating and drainage
  • Building envelope analysis – was there a failure in the physical barrier between the interior and exterior environments enclosing the structure? (windows, doors, walls, roofing)

Our consulting is not limited to New York State, we are versed in the most recent Building Codes for the north eastern United States.

Browse our gallery of structural failure evidence from previously resolved cases below. If you have a structural claim, please contact us to learn more about our services.