For forensic engineers and fire investigators in the discipline of fire/explosion loss investigation, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 921 Guide to Fire & Explosion Investigation is a crucial resource. It is one of hundreds of guides utilizing scientic-based information in pursuit and defense of fire investigation and litigation. 

To quote the NFPA directly, “(The) 921 sets the bar for scientific-based investigation and analysis of fire and explosion incidents. Referenced in the field, in training, and in court, it is the foremost guide for rendering accurate opinions as to incident origin, cause, responsibility, and prevention.”

Purchasing a downloadable PDF guide on the NFPA website costs $122.50.

Here’s how to view the entire guide for free:

1. Navigate the “Codes & Standards” page on the NFPA website

Click this link to navigate the “Codes And Standards” page of the  NFPA website.

Under the “Current Edition: 2021” header, click the “Free Access” button.

2. Select the Specified Edition

Select the specified guide edition from the drop menu. The most current guide bears a 2021 publish date. It is available in both English and Spanish. Click the “View” button upon making your selection

3. Signing in to the NFPA Website / Create New Profile

You will be prompted to sign into the NFPA website with your established user name and password. Click “Sign In”
(and skip to step 5!)

If you do not have a registered username and password, you will be prompted to make one. Click “Create a Profile”

4. Creating a Profile With the NFPA

Thoroughly complete the necessary information fields. Be attentive to which fields are required, and which are optional.

When complete, click “Register.”

5. Select the Specified Edition (Part II)

Signing in or successfully creating a registered user profile with the NPFA website will re-direct you back to the “Codes & Standards” screen.

Once again, select the preferred 921 edition and click “View.”

6. Option to Try NPFA Link / Accept Guide Terms

Upon accessing the selected guide for the first time, you’ll be prompted with an add to try NFPA Link’s enhanced content for a trial basis. Click “Proceed to Free Access” to access the guide.

The guide’s content is gated until you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click “I Agree” in the Terms and Condition’s footer.

7. Browsing The Guide

The guide has a collapseable Table of Contents with anchored links to all its chapters. You can also toggle from page to page using arrows in the footer.

If You “X” out of the Guide

Should you “X” out of the guide, intentionally or unintentionally, you will be able to retrieve the guide using the same “select” and “view” procedure on the Codes and Standards page of the NFPA website.

FFA Are NFPA Experts

Please do not hesitate to contact Forensic & Failure Analysis for any questions about the NPFA, the 921 Guide or its contents. Our engineering experts have gone through extensive training and have used the NPFA’s resources as one of our many guides!