Forensic & Failure Analysis will be at “Buffalo I-Day 2023” on April 20th, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center in Buffalo, NY.

This exhibition, held by The Insurance Club of Buffalo, is the largest, one-day insurance trade show in the country.

FFA will be at Booth #97. We’d be ecstatic to speak to you or members of your firm about our expert capabilities in forensic and failure scene analysis, evidence retrieval, failure causation determination, and trial testimony.

Numerous insurance firms have sought ought FFA’s standard-setting services in matters of residential and commercial structural failures, fire damage, mechanical/machining malfunction, and incidents that included personal injury.

Our thorough, unbiased procedural analysis, combined with a wide-ranging background of disciplines and practical application experience, insures your case is brought to a favorable outcome. Stop by our booth – we look forward to meeting you!